Various psychological/psychometric assessments are available. Assessments are usually offered and/or recommended based on a referral or in some cases on the request of a client. Assessments are used as an extra support to gather a holistic picture of a person’s cognitive, emotional, and/or overall functioning within a given context or relationship.

Cognitive assessments for Children, Adolescents and Adults are available ranging from:

  • Scholastic and Cognitive assessments.
  • Work Assessments
  • Relationship related assessments and
  • Emotional/Personality assessment
  • NBI (Neethling Brain Instrument) is also offered at this practice.

The Neethling Brain Instrument gives an indication what type of thinker a person is, whether, more right brain dominant or more left brain dominant. It also goes into more detail, any both halves gets also divided into quarters. The results thus, give a detailed picture to the test taker of his/her thinking preferences and how one can go about to become a whole brain thinker. This tool can also give a lot of guidance an insight into oneself in relations to others when utilized in couples therapy, child guidance and family therapy. It is also an effective assessment tool relating to guidance for performance in the work environment and it can contribute to insights in career preferences and career development/growth.