Adolescent/Teen:The basic developmental challenges of finding oneself through engaging in and being faced with a variety of different experiences and testing the boundaries stay at the core of this phase. During this developmental phase which is a transition and preparation into maturity/early adulthood, one is confronted with various stressors, social relationships as well as exciting and scary experiences. These experiences are far different from just a few years ago, not even to think of the difference between now and a parent’s experience as a teen.  These experiences can present with its own challenges within the family, whether between parent and teen or between siblings. It can become overwhelming and often might feel unmanageable. It is important during this phase to become in touch with his/her own needs and to gain effective coping skills as well as problem solving skills.Engaging in a therapeutic process can assist a teen through this phase, offering support and the necessary guidance to embrace and consolidate experiences.


Taking a step towards engaging in a therapeutic process can often feel daunting and intimidating. I attempt to create a space where you can feel comfortable, safe and respected. I offer therapeutic intervention for a variety of different situations a person might be experiencing or have experienced. Through the guidance and the building of a meaningful and trusting therapeutic relationship various insights and understanding can become clear during the therapy process.

I mainly work from a systemic perspective to get a holistic view and understanding of your circumstances and I then operate from an integrative approach adjusting therapeutic intervention to most optimally and effectively address each client’s specific needs and/or situation.

Confidentiality is at the core of all therapeutic sessions.

Chronic and Terminal Illness:

Sometimes life can throw us with unexpected curve balls, whether it is a loved one being diagnosed with a condition or oneself being diagnosed. A person can experience various emotions and be faced with a variety of circumstances to deal with that might be new to your world and that has to be adjusted into your new repertoire. I have worked with individuals working through and adjusting to a variety of life changing circumstances. A person might be concerned of becoming a burden to the support system and feeling the strong urge of being strong for loved ones and there a place where you can talk about your actual experiences can be welcoming and comforting. As well as gaining meaning and understanding to your own specific and unique circumstances.

Couples and Marital Therapy:

I offer couples and/or marital therapy to all couples seeking guidance in their relationship.

At the start of couples therapy I usually consult with both individually first in order to gain each partner’s perspective in a non-judgemental and accepting environment. The process of the session will also be explained. Couples/Marital therapy’s main focus is in affecting, effective communication between both partners in order to facilitate a deeper connection and understanding of each other.


Various psychological/psychometric assessments are available. Assessments are usually offered and/or recommended based on a referral or in some cases on the request of a client. Assessments are used as an extra support to gather a holistic picture of a person’s cognitive, emotional, and/or  overall functioning within a given context or relationship.

Cognitive assessments for Children, Adolescents and Adults are available ranging from:

  • Scholastic and Cognitive assessments.
  • Work Assessments
  • Relationship related assessments and
  • Emotional/Personality assessment
  • NBI (Neethling Brain Instrument) is also offered at this practice.

The Neethling Brain Instrument gives an indication what type of thinker a person is, whether, more right brain dominant or more left brain dominant. It also goes into more detail, any both halves gets also divided into quarters. The results thus, give a detailed picture to the test taker of his/her thinking preferences and how one can go about to become a whole brain thinker. This tool can also give a lot of guidance an insight into oneself in relations to others when utilized in couples therapy, child guidance and family therapy. It is also an effective assessment tool relating to guidance for performance in the work environment and it can contribute to insights in career preferences and career development/growth.

Other therapeutic techniques

Guided Imagery and Music:

Goldberg (1995) describes it beautifully: “Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a depth approach to music psychotherapy in which specifically programmed classical music is used to generate a dynamic unfolding of inner experiences…(it is) holistic, humanistic and transpersonal allowing for the emergence of all aspects of the human experience: psychological, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and collective unconscious” (Wigram, 2002, p.115).

I am currently in training and have completed Level I of GIM.

Group Therapy:

Group therapy can be offered after an initial assessment/interview has been done with an individual to assess whether group therapy or individual therapy is indicated.

Group therapy will be offered providing a sufficient amount of interest for a specific type of therapeutic group.

Psychodrama and arts:

The arts can affectively be utilized as part of the therapeutic process. Psychodrama can either be used individually or in groups for various therapeutic gains, from dealing with a specific situation, interaction, trauma to building self-awareness and confidence to mention a few. Your are welcome to contact me for more information.